Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth



Watercolor & Mixed Media ++
Digital ++


ST @ ISOLINA, SJO 2023 ++
BLISS Summit,  CR-G 2023 ++

No me Olvides, SJO 2022 ++
Power Soul,  NYC 2022  ++

Since the early age of 17 (when she started studying in Berlin),
and eventually obtaining a Master’s Degree in NYC;  Elena has
represented and performed with extraordinary ellegance, a perfect parabola, an allegory in volume. Following her interest and love for art, music and fashion, a dreamlike union of  ideas and landscapes emerged when she came back to
Costa Rica in 2015, and along with her mom, Elizabeth, created the most magical oasis in the Caribbean, Hotel AGUAS CLARAS. This mother & daughter project is a big-scale art installation, a wonderful piece of paradise where most of Elena´s fantastic perspectives converge.

Vogue Magazine US
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Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth


Artist, Creative Director, PR Agent,
+ Curator of the Art Residency Program


Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth

—Watercolors from a Fountain of Love

“ It is life that matters, nothing but life—
the process of discovering, the everlasting
and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all. ”

( Fyodor Dostoevsky )


From sound to color, everything is form, actually; there is nothing but forms. To find out the very essence of them and expressing the soul of a particular system is the kind-hearted goal of Elena during the process of her paintings. Simple and truthful, Ele’s approach to the medium of still lifes,  micro installations, flower gardening, and object appreciation, resembles the fantastic journey of a child’s imagination.

Growing up in Berlin,  Elena started travelling and working in London, New York and Madrid in different creative fields  such as Music and Fashion ( WWD , Zan Casting, Marie Claire, Muzungu Sisters, Blackbird Berlin, Universal Music, among others)
She  is now focused  on a promising  Mom & Daughter project located in the Caribbean jungle-beach of Costa Rica: Hotel Aguas Claras.

After many years of recognizing that she loved being a connector for her artist and creative friends, cultivating ideas on how to make the best collaborations; she is now also using this energy for channeling her own dreams through painting and other artistic endeavors.

She currently lives in the mountains of San Antonio de Escazú, San José, 
with her partner and architect/artist/collaborator Fabian Alvarado,
who designed this website.

Artist, Creative Director, 
PR Agent, + Curator of the Art Residency Program
“We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams.” (From the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory , 1971.)