Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth



Watercolor & Mixed Media ++
Digital ++


Endless Lullaby, NYC 2023++
ST @ ISOLINA, SJO 2023 ++
BLISS Summit,  CR-G 2023 ++

No me Olvides, SJO 2022 ++
Power Soul,  NYC 2022  ++

Since the early age of 17 (when she started studying in Berlin),
and eventually obtaining a Master’s Degree in NYC;  Elena has
represented and performed with extraordinary ellegance, a perfect
parabola, an allegory in volume. Following her interest and love for
art, music and fashion, a dreamlike union of  ideas and landscapes
emerged when she came back to
Costa Rica in 2015, and along
with her mom, Elizabeth, created the most magical oasis in the
Hotel AGUAS CLARAS. This mother & daughter project
is a big-scale art installation, a wonderful piece of paradise where
most of Elena´s fantastic perspectives converge.

Vogue Magazine US
DNA Magazine Mex


Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth


Artist, Creative Director, PR Agent,
+ Curator of the Art Residency Program







BLISS Summit.
Nosara, Guanacaste


Kamalio, San José

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Susan Alexandra, NYC

Power    Soul

— Celelebrating the importance of objects and how they can create energetic fields among spectators

“I believe that a picture, a work of art, lives and dies just as we do. ”
- Marcel Duchamp

Elena and Paz met Susan Alexandra at Elena’s Hotel Aguas Claras in pre-pandemic times, where they formed a friendship and dreamed of making a beautiful collaboration in the future. Powersoul is the result of that manifestation at Susan’s shop... which is the perfect location and home to all the Powersoul omens to live in.

Elena was born in Costa Rica and moved to Berlin when she was 17.  She stayed in different parts of Europe and then finished her masters degree in NYC. She now lives back in Costa Rica and works for the project she developed with her mother Elizabeth, Hotel Aguas Claras.
She started painting 2 years ago. Fascinated by objects, their symbology and relationship with memories, Elena likes painting still-lifes which she first constructs in real life to paint them afterwards . She believes objects can have special powers and therefore become a sort of “good-luck charm”. Fresh flowers, vintage food branding products, books, jewelry, perfumes, toys… among others are always a part of her compositions.

“I really like collecting objects and giving them a memorable place
to be part of my personal space. I think objects are omens that inhabit
energies and can therefore be a vehicle for special powers. I like to think
that material objects have a soul or a sense of appreciation for life or even
the ability to have memories. Toys always remembering the children that
owned them, flowers enjoying the music of someone’s home, Accesories
having the power to be a lucky charm on someone’s daily life.
Scents providing feelings of memories passed.”

Beyond a particular aesthetic or plastically thought discourse, Paz Ulloa’s work reconciles sensations and gestures through her practice. Through her diverse background—covering disciplines like printmaking, sculpture, painting and design— Ulloa outlines her career by different interventions and appropriations of everyday life. The artist and designer finds a balance between curiosity and attention to detail in each of her works, making viewers return to the image and unveiling layers of meaning, symbols, and surprises.
Among curiosity, astonishment, and detail, Ulloa’s oeuvre develops a visual conversation of attention. The gestures and sentiments produced by her works create a personal aura, as if we were inside Ulloa’s universe observing how each idea develops one step at a time. Her masterful craft of line and colors also creates a tension between figures, proving her unique skill of balance between chaos, aesthetic coherence, and elegance. Thus, her work offers a fresh and critical outlook over the mundane and modern life.

“Objects capture our attention, they provide an opening in our mind, thus in space, in time. These openings compose unexpected mental connections, new ideas, inner conversations… they carry us to specific memories. I see objects as mediums to reach or provoque a specific state of being.”

Elena Rohrmoser
 Artist & Creative Director 
Paz Ulloa
 Artist & Designer
Elizabeth Steinvorth
Collaborative Artist
Susan Alexandra
Curator & Producer

  1. Elena Rohrmoser´s Paintings
  2. Paz Ulloa’s Sculptures 
  3. Collaborative Piece with Ele’s mom
  4. Installation in Store by the artists