Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth



Watercolor & Mixed Media ++
Digital ++


Endless Lullaby, NYC 2023++
ST @ ISOLINA, SJO 2023 ++
BLISS Summit,  CR-G 2023 ++

No me Olvides, SJO 2022 ++
Power Soul,  NYC 2022  ++

Since the early age of 17 (when she started studying in Berlin),
and eventually obtaining a Master’s Degree in NYC;  Elena has
represented and performed with extraordinary ellegance, a perfect
parabola, an allegory in volume. Following her interest and love for
art, music and fashion, a dreamlike union of  ideas and landscapes
emerged when she came back to
Costa Rica in 2015, and along
with her mom, Elizabeth, created the most magical oasis in the
Hotel AGUAS CLARAS. This mother & daughter project
is a big-scale art installation, a wonderful piece of paradise where
most of Elena´s fantastic perspectives converge.

Vogue Magazine US
DNA Magazine Mex


Elena Rohrmoser Steinvorth


Artist, Creative Director, PR Agent,
+ Curator of the Art Residency Program


Still Lifes / Bodegones

Melting Roses,
January 2022 (Digital)
August 2021 (Digital)

Digital Paintings / 2021-2022
From Still Lifes / Bodegones

“Everything which happens and everything which appears is correlated with orders of differences: differences of level, temperature, pressure, tension, potential, difference of intensity.”

— Gilles Deleuze

001a Rose Bag And Vintage Rituals, February 2022  (Digital)
001b Prada Bag, Caribbean Seaside Flowers & Daily Pills,
February 2022 (Digital)

001c (My) Year of the Tiger,
January 2022 (Digital)

Noodle Studies,
February 2022 (Digital)

Spalding, Ravioli, & Borges,
February 2022 (Digital)

Mantequilla y cerezas el Jardin en Pietrasanta,
August 2021 (Digital)

Wonky Cat, Mythology Book & Flowers,
December 2021 (Digital)